Design is the core element of a website. Low cost web-builders won't get you there.


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Welcome friends. I am the founder of SUNI Web Designs. I concentrate on making WordPress websites for clients of various models. Based in Manchester, North West we have a passion about modern design and UX to specialise in custom and modern responsive web design. I will help land more clients and customers and add value to your business.

You can find Suni Web Designs in Manchester, UK. The sites created help in improving any potential customers in doing business with you. Click here for more info about SUNI Web Designs Manchester.

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We help you with some simple stages...

1. Research

The first phase invoves meetings and research to work out what conditions we deal with.

2. Design

The second stage involves taking the details and creating a structure together.

3. Build

A website will be built with the guidlines we setup together and aestetics will be introduced.

4. Brand

After the site is released, your social media and online locations need to compliment the new site.

5. Updates

Websites are changed and updated to improve on a regular basis depending on monitored statistics.

Have a look at some previous projects...

Children's Parties

This fantasy design was based on the beautiful characters...

Live Streaming Safaris

This was a social interaction with people around the world...

Local DJ Hire

Hiring a DJ and cstumes for parties...

Kitchen Garden Blog

This was a design and development project...

Wellbeing Blog

Here is a site That would primarily be a mobile used site rather than a desktop...

Pre School Day Care

With such unique branding this was a delight to build...

Local Golf Club

This site had a major overhaul from what was there before...

Author & Book Site

This site primarily promotes English books...

...How about your site here

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Thank you Nigel Openshaw. Whatever you’ve done with the website has definitely worked. I’ve not been away from my diary in 3 days! Highly recommended if you want a website.

Becky (Perfect Parteas)

All sites are responsive on all devices

Welcome to a new and friendly way of working with web designers.

This is not a one time meeting. I will run closely with you to create a site that suits you best. My process to create modern responsive web design is second to none, and I will get you the results you require.  I will build a strategic partnership to help your online presence grow. -Nigel Openshaw