Best Web Design Practices That aren’t Obvious

I have developed many sites over the years and after a while of trial and error;

“You get to notice what works and what plain stinks.”


Flixton Golf Club PromoDesigning sites is not a science but there are some practices that are to a point expected and so have become a standard. These days those best web design practices have become reasonably strict due to the speed and fleeting visits of the potential customers.

The demand of time is in accordance to the speed of the site.

Speed is the major factor in standards. No one wants a slow site and if that does not sound obvious then how about 7 seconds to be exact to get your message across. An even much scarier fact is it should load within 2 seconds.

Header and footer should not interfere with your page

Mice to Meet You designed by Suni Web DesignsThe menu bar is the go to section whereas the footer is more of the widget section and extra links.

The header should have logo in the top left corner and navigation in the header. Adding some social buttons that discreetly blend into the bar can be allowed.

The footer should have the major social media links. The main menu can be repeated in the footer along with policy and guidelines.

Check out the header and footer parts on this page.

And the content In the middle should shine

Websites have changed somewhat in the past few years to remove the standard blog side-widget bar and place the more quality widgets in the footer.

Make it Simple and Flow Well

What this does is to clone the position of widgets in a mobile site over to the desktop site.

This removes wasted space with ad campaigns and social trophy collections (twitter and Facebook followers).

If the material is good enough then the desktop site should be displayed much more elegantly and pleasing.

Sections without borders

The display nowadays is put into modules, which are clear and defined. There needs to be space with clear sections to aid with clarity.


You need a call to action high up the page.

Preferably, the first thing they see as the page loads. Sliders are actually getting a bad rap and make it too confusing, so keep it simple with one call to action.

We need to personalize

Style of the content with clear headings and colour theme will help your customers cut out any guesswork.

Also, give your site a human touch. Take this example for a moment.

There are two shops. Both sites have shop photos.

  • Shop 1 has a photo of their shop with no people.
  • whereas shop 2 has happy faced people going about their business in the store.

People need to associate to the company and having real people in a shop will win easily.


Lets have a look under the hood

What makes page look good is not just the styles, but how it performs. In WordPress, for instance the plugins chosen can affect the speed and size of the page and images.


Best Web Design Practices: Overall view

I have learned a lot of this the hard way, especially the fine line between optimizing a site for SEO and also for people to read.

Pages should be different and express their content well

They should give their readers a good experience to make them come back again.

We just need to learn good skills to obtain a higher standard in web design. If we do not then Google can penalize slow sites with lower rankings.

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