Facebook Groups – How I Converted Leads

I recently took a course as part of my self-employment development. It was helpful in explaining to sell myself rather than actual products. And so I put to practice what I found out to do well in Facebook groups and hopefully achieve a few new leads.

People want people first before anything else.

  I was left with the information of how to label my business.
  • Tone – friendly / professional / available / educational / approachable
  • Word – quality / custom
  • Audience – start-ups / upgrades / small businesses
  • Imagery – local / experienced / promote / engaging
I understand these concepts because people want people before wanting a business.

But don’t forget the Deal!

On the other hand I have seen so called advisors on YouTube pushing the ‘make a deal’ option which is a little arrogant in thinking you can land a purchase purely on pressure. But in my opinion, emotional thinking is more important than logical, as we want to feel we make a purchase.

It’s time to plan your time…

I was also told on the course to make a schedule for social interactions. This would be a ‘where and what’ to post and reply. This has worked well because I then could focus on certain areas much better. I came up with the following list:
  • Design
  • Social
  • Writing
  • Meetings
  • Updates
The days would also fuse a bit with others depending on priorities.

But this course wasn’t enough…

After all this, I still found a big void of information in Facebook Groups that I seemed to need in order to post efficiently. With this came the inevitable of searching online. I found some points that I went through and tested. I found a great page at https://blog.planable.io/facebook-group-best-practices/ that helped the most.

#1 Find the right groups

Naturally, this is obvious, but we cannot apply to all and to interact to all would be difficult and stretch us too thin. I found around five or so that I will test and see if they are the right audience. Trying not to sound to heartless, but they are our potential customers.

#2 What will you promote?

Important question!

Initially, for me it is my web design for small businesses. I should include myself too as I think the personal angle can help.

#3 What is your call to action?

What do you want your viewers to do? It could be as simple as asking to send an email or call. The more interaction then makes more of a bond with each other.

#4 Look at the people promoting.

But are they right for you? For my self another web design freelancer means I am in the right area. More importantly are there businesses there that could need help. Small businesses are people with no time to do things. They need help and that’s where we come in. Also, graphics and logo designs can mean I am also in the right area.

#5 See people to help before seeing customers

It does help to see as potential customers because they would need a site to promote their services, so you need to play to their needs and show how you can help them in their busy time. They need to be helped long before you push your ads onto them.

#6 Paid promotion is not the answer but it helps

If your group activity is not working then you might have a targeting issue, which might cross over to your ad campaign if you look with the same criteria.

#7 Researching your stats on what hits will help

Again, if you have trouble then check out what your competitors are up to.

## Black Friday to the rescue!

I put this all to the test and made it even more special with it being Black Friday week. I decided a few different options. Firstly, I did a few simple sentences with a screenshot of the website.

Strange thing was the posts disappeared without notice.

So, I did a few more while changing the approach. Safe to say it hasn’t worked all that well.

And How I Converted Leads…

I still am very unsure of how to deal with Facebook Groups. I can’t believe that my only option left is to throw money into Facebook’s pockets with paid ads. My site is https://www.facebook.com/suniwebdesigns and as yet I have stayed away from ads as for a beginner seems I would have no idea of how to use them properly.

A change of plan

My approach now is to apply my promotional skills to directories and a more professional approach than Facebook Groups. I will let my clients leave the reviews and suchlike. It feels more natural and more chance of landing more deals.

Overall, it’s what matters to you that count the most

Finally, you need to try to test with what you’ve made. The methods you choose are not frozen and can be changed accordingly. This means watch for differences and what has been successful.
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