Android Development

Here you can find a recent collection of Android apps I've made. There's been many over the years but these below have resonated somewhat.

I see android apps as a raw form of web pages. I say that because I use HTML and JavaScript in building these.


Live Streaming Safaris

This app was initially made over 3 years ago. It did well for the time, but with my focus being on web design rather than a developer this then became redundant.

This is a re-release of an old app I made. The prime cause for this to be updated was for any profits from sales to be donated to their charity.


Korean Vocabulary

Hangukmal – Korean Words, is an app I made to learn the most common words. There are 1000 words available all chosen within common groups.

I used this myself when I was an English teacher in South Korea.

Welcome to a New and Friendly Way of Working With Web Designers

This is not a one-time meeting. I will run closely with you to create a site that suits you best. My process to create modern responsive web design is second to none, and I will get you the results you require. I will build a strategic partnership to help your online presence grow. -Nigel Openshaw