SUNI Designs on the WWW

Here you can find a recent collection of sites from my web design portfolio. They are always a varied mix of styles to show you how we can help.

These have been made in different circumstances to each. Have a read below to get an idea of what methods I aim for.


Kitchen Garden Blog

WebsitesThe domain was an old WordPress dot com site that had to be exported and rebuilt in the new domain.

The design was quick in setting up. As with most blogs I wanted to keep such a visually compelling topic to show as many photos as possible. This meant using a grid table.

As there would be updates constantly it meant the main page would purely show posts and nothing else. This then set the menu to show categories only.

It is also highly linked in with Facebook and Twitter as well as


Children's Parties

WebsitesThis fantasy design was based on the beautiful characters. The earlier structure was quite simple with the standard pages so this left it open to interpret a modern design. This site was transferred between hosting sites. Owning a domain in the right place is important.

The colours came about quite easy as they were a more pastel version of the logo. All images have been softened with rounded corners to again emphasize the cute and fantasy image.

The main page was simplified with the shop being the focus. This left enough content for the parteas pages.


Local Golf Club

WebsitesThis site had a major overhaul from what was there before. It hadn’t been designed for the end-user in mind. The menu was so overpowering with information in many locations.

This was the main problem that I had to get fixed. I went about reorganizing the main top menus before looking through the pages. It was a case of “what would golfers want to do?” I chose to break the menu to promote the members away from the more promotional campaign of joining the club.

The design I felt should be a modern yet traditional style. All images are clean with white borders. Traditions are especially important. The font was to be clean as well with colours taken from the logo. The major colour was dark green with dark blue for the titles.


Pre School Day Care

WebsitesWith such unique images already made this was a delight to build. It was incredibly difficult to produce a theme at first considering how good the artwork already was. This was to be a new site with no earlier version.

Like another site I made for youngsters, the softer and paler tones were used. This wasn’t a clone as I wanted it to be playful and yet be academical.

The text content was great to work with, it had a nice tone to it. Images were more split with using a major percentage of illustrations. Colours in this site were already chosen with pink being the primary then blue and finally green. The font titles I tried to find something like the logo, but then not be too cartoon-like.


Live Streaming Safaris

Safarilive Chat designed by Suni Web DesignsThis was a design and development project. It was initially an Android app I made over 3 years ago. It existed and did well for the time, but with my focus being on web design rather than a developer this then became redundant.

Interestingly the WordPress engine did improve the functionality in comparison to the app. It also meant the scaling and usage of the screen became more productive and fluid. Previously it was limited to simple coding rules.

Using WordPress alone was not enough and so HTML and CSS would need to be added to make the elements work well. The colours were changed often but the theme would always be dark to compliment the screen to be in a colourful dark mode.


Author Books & Profile

WebsitesThis site was yet another brand new project. This site primarily promotes English books with one main 3 individuals and a free promo. The books were aimed at youth with English as a second language. This was a challenge in not appearing to be an Amazon clone and also not to appear like a moody and pretentious author site. So many author websites have a dark undertone that doesn’t compliment well.

The layout was designed on paper way before content was chosen. It was designed to alternate branding and products while mixing 2-column and 3-column displays.

The content would come from the preface and introduction of the main book. There were to be many images on the page that came from teaching in Korea.
The colours were to be bright and two-tone. Blue and orange are always a safe mix. Fonts were to be clear and book-like.


Local DJ Hire

WebsitesThis was another site with a basic structure in place. It had limitations in mobile responsiveness. English was something that needed work.

I had limitations on the design of this site as the earlier style was liked by the owner. This meant a few things had to be left but modernized to still be fresh.

As with most sites, I make there will be needs for a prominent display and a call to action as standard. The main page was to be remodelled and be filled with phrased content from the linked pages.

Another situation from the first site was to rearrange the packages on offer. There wasn’t a clear menu structure in place. If I have free reign on this then the site would be darker to reflect a night club theme but adding glowing banners and larger text helped create a modern minimal theme. Colours came from the logo with black titles and blue buttons


Health and Wellbeing Blog

WebsitesHere is a site that would primarily be a mobile used site rather than a desktop.

As most sites should be, content is king and here was a chance to make that so. The design centres around a simple blog layout with the main colour being white. Even the menu is white with a shadow on white. Primary and secondary colours were easy to come by. They are clean and fresh green with blue links.

This site had a pretty clear aim and that was to look and feel respectable and authentic. There will be no stock photos and cheesy content but instead simple and yet in-depth articles with illustrations.


Welcome to a New and Friendly Way of Working With Web Designers

This is not a one-time meeting. I will run closely with you to create a site that suits you best. My process to create modern responsive web design is second to none, and I will get you the results you require. I will build a strategic partnership to help your online presence grow. -Nigel Openshaw