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It's time to take it easy​

Enjoy Some You-Time

The whole concept of a website and computers can be a daunting journey. I live around friends and family who ask for help that they have difficulties with.

Don’t worry anymore about websites. We can help in putting your business firmly on the Internet.

I have been working with computers professionally for 20years. And that doesn’t include all the years of personal use.

Suni Web Design Manchester
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The Perfect Surrounding

We make sites that look and feel, as a real shop should. Your site and your company are the same thing.

We can help in acquiring and building the right profile for you. Branding is everything on the Internet.

We also will make you a cool and responsive modern website that will work on all screen sizes including mobile screens and desktop screens.

We work in the Manchester area

What’s better than to live and work in close and workable places. We are based at Barton Airport and in Walkden, Worsley.

There’s no need to go into busy Manchester centre but instead go to a calm and peaceful place for food and coffee at the Veterans Garage

Gone are the days of HUGE web payments

  • We have 2 main packages. Small Business and Professional Large Scale Businesses
  • Our packages are 24 months subscription with Direct Debits based on what update rates you would like.
  • Updates are paid at a set rate per job. They can be performed at 1 month, 2 months and 4 months or a custom time.

Small Business

Prices start at £18, £24 and £35 per month

Pro Business

Prices start at £42, £51 and £68 per month

The Best Experience Ever

"I can offer you a website that not just looks pretty, but can actually be found in Google Searches and in turn get you leads and contacts."
Nigel Openshaw
Founder | Web Designer / Developer | Author

Let's get that new site rockin'