To start making a website we have to start with the simplest of elements and that is the address. Most other things come and go such as design and your content, but the place name is something special.

Build it Yourself

Now, if you don’t want a website made by a professional and that is completely understandable then there is the option of doing it yourself.

To a point it’s not really that difficult. I’ve been building them for around 25 years so I know more about what goes on behind them than most people. 

I’m not saying that is easy, but I am saying these days that is actually quite possible to create your own well styled and functional design.

Looking back on the past 20 years, the tools are much better now than what they used to be including security, speed and reliability.

I would only recommend one place to build your site that would be Siteground. Siteground run a very respectful and professional service that can support you with whatever your situation may be.

In the Face of Problems

I am not claiming to know all and sometimes I have made mistakes and with that I could call them up, via Live Chat, and they can go ahead and fix whatever has gone wrong. So therefore the worry of it going wrong and being left alone with a mess completely disappears.

Peace of Mind is a Great Place to Be

So as I say if you want to do it yourself then by using the right tools in the right places is going to help you so much more than believing that you can do something for example with Wix or squarespace which I would never recommend as there is only going to be problems later on.

I’ve had many times picking up the pieces from somebody who tried with the and they have been left with an average thing that basically can’t run anything and it makes them look unprofessional on the internet.

Don’t Forget, Buy Your Own Domain

So as I initially said your address is the most important part. To buy your own address is even more important. It means you hold the name and control rather than another company.

I would be happy if all my clients bought their own domains and if they don’t want to design then let me know and we can chat.

Web Hosting

There are only 3 options to choose from and even then only 2 of them will apply to you. The first is the Start Up option. This is pretty much it in giving you a single address. The next option is Grow Big. This is more for people like me who have multiple sites. If you might have a few businesses or projects then try this.

Remember that this is pretty much the same as a house. If you have a strong foundation then the rest kind of looks after itself. And Siteground is a great tool to build a great foundation.

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