Welcome! I am the founder of SUNI Web Designs, a web design company in Manchester, UK. I aim to improve online presence for small to mid businesses.


Nigel Openshaw

Hi 👋 I help small businesses with responsive websites in MCR 🇬🇧. I have a passion for copywriting UI UX in web design.

I am available for meet-ups in Walkden, Worsley, Eccles, Swinton and across Manchester.

Many people feel intimidated with website designers in much the same way as sending their car to a garage. To be honest there’s nothing to worry about. I can care for your site as much as you care about your business.

I’ve been dabbling in web design since the late 90’s with my first Geocities website, which used to be for music news. Since then I’ve created Windows office-based software (most well known was Newsletter Publisher), but all the time UI and layout was the most intriguing element.

Send me a message about your project and I will see how I can help you

...Apart from any local coffee shop

Where are We?

Suni Web Designs is a web Design Company in Manchester England. I can be found at a place called the Veterans Garage. Or as the title says, any local coffee shop.

Veterans Garage is a charity run company that supports the services. Why not stop by as their lounge area is a great place to chill.

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